We love cooking and have lots of friends who also enjoy their time in the kitchen. It seems parchment paper is nowadays part of everyone's kitchen supply. To my surprise when I asked my friends at a dinner party if they prefer bleached or unbleached parchment, there were a few who said they are not even using it. Let´s park this whole bleached or unbleached discussion and come to basics why you should use parchment paper.

Here´s my list of top 5 reasons to use parchment paper

1.   Time saver – by far this is the top of my list. Line your baking sheets or pans with pre-cut parchment paper before baking. Grease and moisture will stay on the parchment. After done baking just remove the parchment and your pan is clean.

2.   Non-stick – If you use good quality Silicone coated parchment, basically there is no need to use additional oil, butter or cooking sprays. All your baked goods will just slide off the parchment.

3.   Baking sheets will last longer – overcooked and burned bits of food will not be in contact with baking sheets. Thus no need to scrape your trays.

4.   Transferring cookies to cooling tray – once cookies have done their time in the oven, you can slide the whole sheetful of cookies together with parchment to a cooling tray.

5.   Better quality of your baked goods – Because you have now parchment between food and hot metal, the moisture from food will not come into contact with metal. As the grease and moisture are not in contact with hot metal there is no scalding. Instead, the moisture stays on the parchment and contributes flavor and temperature to the food.


If you are not yet using parchment in your kitchen, you definitely should give it a try and see how much easier baking will become.